Tiny little JavaScript polling object

Posted December 10th, 2011 by guidone with 3 Comments

Few days I came across this situation where I had to check, at predefined interval, against a remote server for some conditions. So just for not having the setTimeout and setInterval ids hanging around my code, I wrapped everyting in a small JavaScript object Poller.

It’s pretty simple: just configure any number of intervals, a callback in case of success, a callback in case of failure, and the function that checks the server

var poller = new Poller();
   .checkback(function(callback) {
      // could be anything asynchronous
      $.getJSON('/is/server/ready',function(response) {
         if (response.ready)
         else callback(false);
   .callback(function() {
      // checkback succeded and the end of one interval
      // stops the poller and callback
   .failback(function() {
      // after the third attempt, exits calling the failback
      // function
   .start(); // start the process

Each callback(), failback(), checkback() run in the Poller context, means that this operator points to the Poller instance.
A bunch of additional methods are available like: start(), stop(), restart(), next().

To do: implement Deferred pattern for the method that checks the server

Update: Update with a GitHub repository and support for deferred/promise.

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