Event broadcast in jQuery

Eventbroadcast it’s a small library to improve the functionality of bind()/trigger() methods.
This plugin extends jQuery with the method $.trigger(‘‘) which calls the event named <event_name> on all elements previously registered to the event through .bind() and .one().

The main problem with the classic jQuery $(‘‘).trigger() method is that must be used on the element that receives the events, leaving Publish/Subscribe pattern uncomplete: we need to programmatically know the elements to cast the event to.

With the Publish/Subscribe pattern it’s easy to decouple the code in charge to create the event from the code that receives it: the event emitter doesn’t know (and doesn’t care), at runtime, who is listening to the event (speaking with the words of academics, it’s not aware of the topology of the elements).
The more the code is decoupled, the more is maintanable.