A Javascript manager and build tool

I was playing around with Jake last days and I came up with an idea for a tool to create a piece of code to handle seamlessly the the various JavaScript libraries in a HTML page with NodeJS and the check/compress/build procedure to release the whole package in production.

I’m still working on the idea, probably it will end up in something with a little bit of conventions for the structure of the files, but these are the key points I really need for this tool:

  • Be able to work with AMD modules and simple JavaScript files at the same time (without converting them to AMD module format)
  • Full support to AMD and module dependencies
  • A unique file to define which JS files and modules to load for each page, used to render the page and build the release package for production (no more manually updating of the build script)
  • Paths mapping for easily switch JavaScript library version (or to point the static resource to a CDN)
  • Check the files against JSHint before building (damn comma in array!)