I’m quitting from the web agency for a new adventure.

Working here was pretty much different from a startup where – usually – the founders/investors/employees are also the early adopters of the product they’re developing.

Most of the projects developed in this business suffer a very vicious flaw: who pays the project is not who is going to use the tool/app/website he paid for.
This is sad, since the main goal of the project suddendly become praising the ego maniac manager of BigWealthyCompanyThatSpendsLotsOfMoneyInMarketing and not developing something that the users will really love.
And because of that, it’s inevitable that project will fail the reality check once completed.

How can you tell if your project is failing the reality check?

  1. You don’t have server load problems
  2. The mockup of your app is something like this

    Instead of this